Where Do the Left Get Their Confidence From?

Conservatism in the proper sense is practically extinct in my country, and along with it the old understanding of morality. By the simplest definition, morality is what you do when you think you’re alone. But morality today is what you say the world should be like. Politics has become the venue in which people profess themselves to be good by virtue of the views they hold, which explains a great deal about why the left have such confidence.

As a former utopian, I am quite familiar with the feeling of purpose and passion that comes with attractive beliefs. The fantasy of a perfect world is intoxicating and naturally leads to wondering how it could be made real. Policy is the obvious answer. If we’ve not managed it on our own, we must require a new political system, a societal overhaul, to mould our human nature towards a perfect outcome.

Realising this is impossible is one of the signs of maturity. It’s not so worrying that people hold these beliefs in their youth as it is that they continue to hold them in later life. Captivated by these ideals, I was prepared to do almost anything to my fellow creatures in the name of utopia. Morality had been suppressed, and in the place of morals beliefs had made a home for themselves: beliefs which served to justify all means in the name of a perfect end. But the problem with utopia is that a river of blood separates us from that place – and we’ll never get there.

What put a stop to this false thinking was humility, a virtue quite alien to the left, else they would abandon the confidence they place in their recycled, failed policies. Once I realised that utopia was not possible and that the best thing I could do was to be something approximating a ‘good person’ by restraining myself from doing wicked deeds and doing my best to do good deeds, life completely changed. I no longer had the sort of confidence (or arrogance) required to treat people as I would have done had a communist revolution been accomplished.

This sort of humility is the only real antidote for people who, on account of holding the opinions they do, view themselves as moral and, by extension, everyone who does not share in these views as immoral. If they oppose you, you say they’re wrong. If you oppose them, they say you’re evil. Once someone has decided you are evil because of the views you hold then any fruitful debate about those views becomes impossible. The left don’t just think they’re right, they ‘know’ they’re right, and if you stand in their way, you have declared yourself an enemy of utopia.

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